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senseless things [userpic]
by senseless things (soaked_in_stars)
at February 16th, 2009 (11:40 am)

Tivo alert! Bird is guest starring in this week's episode of CSI, airing Thursday, Feb 19 at 10/9c on CBS. Here's the preview:


Posted by: cassie (kiss_me_cassie)
Posted at: February 16th, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
gen gromit

Noooooo... don't make me watch CSI again. No. Wibble.

Posted by: senseless things (soaked_in_stars)
Posted at: February 16th, 2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
[Bird] ij sexy // adventurepants

Awww. Just once, just for the pretty? I actually really like Laurence Fishburne in it. And the new girl, who doesn't have much of a personality. Oh hell, I'm just glad Sara's gone. Old hatreds die hard. ;)

Posted by: cassie (kiss_me_cassie)
Posted at: February 16th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
WW bird york by rainblows

I actually have not watched since WELL before Sara and Gris left. Hence my reluctance, still, you aren't wrong... pretty. :)

Posted by: The keeper of loneliness (wanderlonely)
Posted at: February 17th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)

She and Marg in CSI? It's like a dream come true episode! ♥

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