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senseless things [userpic]
National Doodle Day
by senseless things (soaked_in_stars)
at May 12th, 2011 (04:23 pm)

Bird's doodle for National Doodle Day is now up for auction on eBay - bid here. Other notables who have donated doodles this year include Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Cory Monteith, and Bird's West Wing cohorts Martin Sheen and Joshua Malina. You can take a look at all the items here, with more auctions beginning tomorrow.

National Doodle Day is an annual online auction that benefits NF, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing support to individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF). Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that affects one in every 2,500 births. NF is more common than Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Huntington's Disease combined. Funds raised from the Doodle Day auction will go to support education, advocacy, coalitions, and research for treatments and a cure.