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the song that stays in your mind

wicked little high
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About Bird:

"Bird is a brilliant singer-songwriter. Her songs are like ground glass in honey; and even after you know that, she just keeps tempting you until you swallow. I'm an addict." -Paul Haggis / Oscar-winning writer/director

"The heart of 'The Velvet Hour' beats between midnight and dawn. Bird York's songs subtly reveal those things that rise out of the corners of the night: Memory, reverie, desire, and the emotions that lie cloaked when the sun is high. The melodic grace, affecting honesty, and elegant atmosphere of Bird's music will lead the listener to an inescapable conclusion: This musician is a rara avis." -Chris Morris / Billboard Magazine

“This entire album is a haunting melodic dream told by one of the finest unrecognized singer/songwriters to arise from the Los Angeles music basin. York manages to burn a hole in our hearts with her soft velvet-hour voice and her steaming inflections.“ -Michael Mollura / Music Connection Magazine

"She's a siren. She's a musician and writer of the highest caliber. Her singular vocals are the first thing to stand out. The album has the kind of dark lust and texture that most of us wish we could get our hands on in everyday life. At least now you can listen to it." -Derek Sivers / President, CD Baby

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